DIY: Churros and Triple Chocolate Split with Hot Chipotle Brittle!

Looking for new ways to up your dessert game?

Here’s one of our personal favourite and a real crowd pleaser that will win you Host/Hostess of the Year when you serve this dessert to your guests!

For this dessert, we recommend a safer choice of ice cream — you can never go wrong with our popular Kāpiti Triple Chocolate Ice Cream!


ABC – A Basic Cheese Introduction!

Cheese is a dairy product, which we all know, and it’s derived from milk that is produced in a wide range of flavours, textures, and formed by coagulation of the milk protein casein. They comprise of proteins and fats from milk, typically, milk of cows, buffaloes, goats and sheep. There are also cheese producers that use other domestic mammals that are common to the United States. What’s queer is that there are some cheeses which are produced with the use of milk from c...


About Cheese & Wine Pairing

One marriage no one can object to is the mouthwatering combination of wine and cheese. Each is lovely on its own, but when you pair them together, it is as though sparks fly and magic can actually happen!

When it is a good pairing, the combination will start doing their perfect tango in the mouth. Be it tannic, light, sweet, or dry, you can bet there’s a wine out there for every cheese (even fondue!).

Wine and cheese are two of life’s greatest culinary ple...