Gourmet Event Planning

We provide the following customised services:

  1. Wine and gourmet food supply for corporate events at our partnering outlets.
  2. DnD with curated menu at our partnering outlets.
  3. Festive menu (BBQ, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.) conceptualisation and delivery of said menu.

If you’re in need of some gastronomic advice for your next event, whether it be a large-scale corporate event or a quaint private dinner party, we’re happy to be at your service. Contact us at 6464 9909 or e-mail us today!

Wine & Cheese Appreciation Session

Allow us to entertain and educate your guests on the fine arts of cheese and wine appreciation.

Our team has years of experience in discerning some of the most amazing ways you can pair cheeses and wines.

We are able to prepare and set up a wine & cheese appreciation session or class at your preferred place or at our partnering outlets.


Need an event planned? Contact us at 6464 9909 or e-mail us today!