Nocellara Del Belice Green Olives 200gm

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  • Nocellara Del Belice Green Olives 200gm

Nocellara Del Belice Green Olives 200gm

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Crisp, lush green Sicilian olives; this singular varietal serves as the strongest reminder that olives are indeed a fruit. A proud winner of two Great Taste stars from the Guild of Fine Foods, Nocellara is the perfect table olive - it pairs wonderfully with all sparkling wines. Hailing from Trapani, Sicily, these early harvest olives are cured for just 10 days using the Castelvetrano method (named after the Sicilian town which developed it). It is a natural process that means that they retain their vivid lush green colour and firm al dente texture. A beautiful olive.

Of the 10,000 foods that enter the Great Taste Awards each year, less than 10% win the coveted double star award.  

Nocellara de Belice Appearance: Vivid green, round

Texture: Crispy, crunchy, al dente

From: The Belice Valley in Sicily

Cultivar: Nocellara

Uses: Table

Taste: Buttery, creamy, clean.

Pairs: Sparking wine



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