Chili & Sesame Seed Smoked Salmon

  • Brødr. Remø Chilli & Sesame Seed Smoked Salmon

Brødr. Remø Chilli & Sesame Seed Smoked Salmon

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Weight: 100 grams. 

Country of Origin: Norway

Norwegian nature has all the right conditions help us build a quality brand. Its cold, clear fjords create an ideal growth environment for salmon and other seafood. Rich in Omega-3, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A and antioxidants.

Brødr. Remø's smoked salmon is a natural product entirely without artificial preservatives. It contains only fresh, Atlantic salmon, sugar and salt.

The product is based on traditional family recipes and is made with Brødr. Remø's own special smoking process. This is why our smoked salmon is a product of experience and is highly valued and demanded across the world.

This smoked salmon bears a taste of chilli and sesame. The salmon has a light taste of spiciness, resulting in a delicious combination. One of our award-winning products.


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