Najade Salmon Sashimi Cut

  • Brødr. Remø Najade Salmon Sashimi Cut

Brødr. Remø Najade Salmon Sashimi Cut

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Weight: 100 grams.

Country of Origin: Norway

Norwegian nature has all the right conditions help us build a quality brand. Its cold, clear fjords create an ideal growth environment for salmon and other seafood. Rich in Omega-3, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A and antioxidants.

The Sashimi-sliced will not be “lumped together” on a plate. The fillet does not need to be garnished on a plate, which can be time-consuming with normal slices. The Sashimi-cut comes “ready-to-serve”. The plate looks just as elegant as it did before the guests helped themselves.

In the mythology, freshwater nymphs are known as Naiads. For us at Brødr. Remø however, we know Najade as the combination of our award-winning smoked salmon and gravadlax. As in the mythology, the Najade salmon is stunningly beautiful, and its taste is sure to leave you speechless.


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