Cyprus Lemon 100gm

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  • Cyprus Lemon 100gm

Cyprus Lemon 100gm

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Gourmet Salt Gourmet Salt Cyprus Lemon Pyramid Salt Flakes Hand harvested from Mediterranean waters along the balmy coast of Cyprus, the sparkling pyramid-shaped crystals of Cyprus Flake Sea Salt look strikingly delicate, but are surprisingly robust flakes of salt. The dry, crunchy texture and lightly marine salinity make this artisanal salt adaptable and practical all over the kitchen—both in recipes and as a finishing salt. Despite the large size of the flakes, they dissolve evenly in sauces, soups and brines, but can also work as an eye-catching finishing salt to garnish fish and vegetable dishes, or to add some architectural beauty to the top of your favourite brownies. Crumble it between your fingers to get perfectly sized flakes for any dish, or keep the hefty pyramids whole for a unique finishing flourish. A favourite among gourmet chefs and bakers for its flavour, one-of-a-kind flake shape and diamond-like gleam, Cyprus Flake Sea Salt will shine in any kitchen. It provides a delightful crunch, while the lemon adds a citrus burst to the flavour. It's perfect for salads and chicken and fish dishes.


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