Wine & Cheese Appreciation Session

Wine & Cheese Appreciation Session

About this event

We are able to prepare and set up a wine & cheese appreciation session or class at your preferred place or at our partnering outlets. Our team has years of experience in discerning some of the most amazing ways you can pair cheeses and wines. We'll be sharing the fundamentals of the fine arts of cheese and wine appreciation.

We will provide the following:

1) Premium Cheese Platters with condiments inclusive (eg fruit paste, crackers, fresh fruits and nuts)

2) 2 Red Wine, 2 White Wine & 1 Champagne/ Sparkling

For such session, the cost will range from $120.00 per pax to
$150.00 per pax. Depending on the wines use.

There will be an additional $100.00 for delivery.

Whether you are a novice or expert wine lover, it would be a fun and educational experience for all!

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