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Kapiti Te Tihi Aged Cheddar 200gm

Kapiti Te Tihi Aged Cheddar 200gm

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Country of Origin: New Zealand 

Kāpiti Te Tihi Premium Aged Cheddar has been aged up to three years, giving it a sharp, zesty bite and firm, crumbly body. Expect some lactate crystallisation that gives this cheese a sharp crunch. Te Tihi, meaning peak, point or summit in Māori, is befitting of our sharpest cheddar in the range and links to the iconic shape of this cheese. 

It won Gold as well as the Category Champion Trophy at the 2020 NZ Cheese Awards for best retail cheddar. It is a must-try. 

Match the sharp, bolshy tang of our Te Tihi with the innocently sweet taste of your grandma's homemade Christmas cake to get a devilishly different flavour combination that will become your new favourite holiday tradition.

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