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Prosperity Yusheng With Smoked Salmon (Pre-Order)

Prosperity Yusheng With Smoked Salmon (Pre-Order)

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EARLY-BIRD OFFER: 30% OFF I Valid till 15 Jan


Delivery from 15 to 20 Jan 2023. Exclusion dates apply!

Orders must be placed a minimum of 3 days in advance.


Approximate Weight: 1.2kg

120gm smoked salmon, red Carrot 200gm, white radish 150gm, green radish 150gm, pickled melon 50gm, vegetable strips 50gm, brown melon strips 50gm, cucumber strips 50gm, Leek Strips 50gm, Yellow Melon Strips 50gm, white sour ginger strips 50gm, sweetened lime strips 50gm, red sweetened ginger strips 50gm, peanut crunch 30gm, fried sesame 10gm, pok chui crackers 50gm, pepper powder 2gm, cinnamon powder 2gm, sesame oil 15gm, gourd wax strip 50gm, yusheng sauce

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